Irojiten Color Pencils

August 8th, 2013 § 1 comment

I’ve been meaning to get some aquarelle pencils or crayons, and I even tried out a couple of different types recently. But when I was trying to decide which ones to buy at Blick the other day, I got completely distracted by these, Irojiten Color Pencils:

Irojiten Color Pencils - RainforestRainforest

I didn’t realize that Tombow, my favorite drawing pencil brand, makes colored pencils. I had no plans to buy regular colored pencils, as I never had much luck with them as a kid, preferring the forgiving nature of water-soluble media. But as usual, the Japanese have a delicacy in product design that is irresistable.

Irojiten Color Pencils - SeascapeSeascape

And oh, the colors! I love delicate colors like these, and the Woodlands set especially would be an excellent palette for the kinds of subjects I like to draw. If you’re interested, the Seascape set above includes fluorescent colors that I’ve heard actually fluoresce under black light.

Irojiten Color Pencils - WoodlandsWoodlands

The only problem with the Woodlands set is that there are no intense cherry reds, which I love to use. This would have been a problem before, but Tombow has recently made them open-stock (which means you can buy the pencils individually) so I can add any colors I choose.

(By the way, just because every video on YouTube had it wrong, the proper pronunciation of the product name is ee-ROH-jee-ten. The expression means “color dictionary.”)

I don’t know if Tombow could completely woo me away from aquarelles (Tombow, how about making a line of those?) but I think I have room for at least one set of these charming pencils in my collection.


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