Animal Crossing NL: Fauna and Gracie’s Fashion Check!

December 19th, 2013 § 1 comment

I’ve been enjoying the winter festivities in my Animal Crossing town, Ryogoku, so far this year. Making badly-proportioned snowmen, finding out what everyone wants from Jingle, capturing snowflakes, Snowman bingo, and so on — it’s all been lots of fun! I’ve completed the Ice furniture series, and I’m debating whether to continue the Jingle series or just make a simple room for giving concerts on my Jingle piano.

Anyway, I have another new deer neighbor since my last post, Fauna, who was also a camper. Is this starting an all-deer trend? Perhaps. Fauna is what Animal Crossing players call a “Normal” villager, but I think that is such a weird term (even if they do use a similar term in Japan, ふつう, futsuu). I prefer “Nice” or “Polite.” Fauna was visiting my other Nice neighbor, Goldie, today; they joined powers to make Goldie’s house the cutest spot in the village.

Fauna at Goldie's house.

I gave them a concert on Goldie’s harpsichord, and they seemed to enjoy it.

Also, Erik has moved in. I really like the rustic interior of his house.

Erik's house.

I’ve had Gracie in my village two times now. My first Gracie’s Fashion Check challenge was “Historical.” Here’s the outfit Gracie approved of:

Gracie's Fashion Check

Viking helmet, deer shirt, samurai pants, black stockings, armor shoes, and rimmed glasses. She loved this and rewarded me with a Gorgeous table.

Beau and I go for the pair look.

Can you believe Beau? I went shopping in Windwir and he had the nerve to wear the exact same thing as me!

My next challenge was “Cute.” The outfit Gracie sanctioned:

Gracie's Fashion Check

Santa hat, Santa beard, embroidered dress, and yellow rain boots. I think I may have had on the green tights. She said this outfit matched too well, but still rewarded me with a Gorgeous chest.

Finally, here’s a picture of Snow (my character), Danielle, and Rufello having some fun in Windwir. It’s all part of the SCRAM, GRAHAM! campaign.

Go away, Graham!


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